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PURPOSE. This website is devoted to free thought and psychological development. We will explore occult and parapsychological issues. Our topics will range from ancient religion to modern mediumship. We will study the lives of psychologists such as Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung and psychic researchers such as Nandor Fodor. Our aim in the Tarot Forum will be to motivate ourselves to become more conscious of our purpose in life and our significance to society. We start our journey like the tarot fool leaping forward into the unknown with the dog jumping and barking at his feet. Our material possessions may be limited but our psychic resources are infinite. We will become the tarot magician, able to transform sluggish matter into vital powers. Our true self is the oracle that we sound.

GETTING STARTED. Our Forums are open to all. We hope you will read and post material. Please feel welcome to express your interests and voice your opinions. We will do everything in our power to enlighten you.

RULES. Please use common sense in how you express yourself -- no derogatory or obscene language will be tolerated. Try to state opinions in a positive manner as this will facilitate your own personal progress and help other readers.



GUESTBOOK. Feel free to sign your name in the Guestbook. -- Stephen Contrado, B.A., Th.M., The Tarot Forum Administrator

Tutankhamen. fl. c. 1355 B.C. King of Egypt, 18th dynasty, tomb discovered 1922.